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NFT is not just art; NFT gift cards are the perfect gift for yourself or a friend to fulfill everyone's shopping needs and find a great way to make a profit.

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An Ideal Gift for Shopaholic

1988Dragon sells gift cards that users can use as vouchers to buy clothing, electronics, groceries,... – even accommodations and flights for their next vacation.

These gift cards are not physical but vouchers users receive via e-wallet, which they can redeem when paying later for products at partnered merchants.

One thing to note is that every time users buy an NFT gift card, which is not only a digital asset but also a collectible that they can stake to earn profit.

Additionally, redeemed NFTs can be traded for higher value as they will be a limited edition series. They are also a great educational tool for anyone learning about NFTs.

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Making NFT Purchases Easy

Simply order an NFT Gift Card now to instantly purchase NFTs without all the hassle!

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Our Collection

With 1988Dragon, you can virtually pay for anything with cryptocurrencies through gift cards.

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Phase 01

Quarter 3, 2022

Concept Developing

- Market Research
- Ideas Verification
- Team Forming

Phase 02

October, 2022


- UI/UX Design
- Landing Page & Litepaper
- Smart Contract Development

Phase 03

November, 2022

Fund Raising

- Ongoing Smart Contract Development
- Private Fund Raising

Phase 04

December, 2022


- Token Created and Audited
- Small & Medium Businesses Partnership
- First NFT Gift Card Collection Releasing
- KOLs & VCs Onboarding
- Community Development

Phase 05

January, 2023


- White Paper
- Big Businesses Partnership
- More NFT Gift Card Collection Releasing

Phase 06

February, 2023


- Official Launch
- Liquidity Provider Staking Rewards

Phase 07

March, 2023


- Governance
- Contract Security Improvements

Phase 08

Quarter 2, 2023


- Contract Improvements & Additionals
- Anti-Inflation
- Multi-chain Applying

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